Frequently Asked Questions

In the following you will find all answers to the most frequently asked questions about a partnership with moverii – the platform for sport & active holidays worldwide:

moverii is the platform for sport & active holidays worldwide!

We offer our customers sport and active holidays in the fields of surfing, fitness, yoga, hiking and martial arts in over 30 countries worldwide. To do this, we rely on individual experiences and sustainable partnerships.

Our basic requirement for cooperation is that you love what you do! In addition, your journeys must meet the following criteria, which are our key value promises for customers:

  • We only offer journeys on our platform that include as services at least accommodation and the sport / activity program. Services such as catering, joint excursions or others are not necessary and can be added, if available, optionally or as included in the price.
  • Currently our offers range across the sports of surfing, yoga, fitness, hiking and martial arts. Your journey should offer a sport / activity program that contains elements of at least one of these sports. In addition, all sport activities must be instructed by qualified teachers.
  • In order to be able to guarantee our customers the highest quality, we only publish journeys on our platform that are rated at least 4.5 out of 5 stars on well-known portals such as Tripadvisor, Facebook or Google.
  • We believe in personal travel experiences in small groups and we have set ourselves the goal of promoting local partners all over the world.

moverii is your chance to reach new customers and generate more bookings for your journeys without any risks attached! All you have to do is upload your offer on our platform. Thereafter, we take care of everything else for you, from marketing campaigns to customer service and handling booking processes! There are no costs for this and you only pay a commission after a booking has been successful.

To start a cooperation all you need to do is register and we will get in touch with you to discuss the further details of the partnership. You will also receive an introduction to our system so you can easily create your journeys for our platform. We are looking forward to getting to know you!

Register as a partner today!

We work commission-based. That means you have no fixed costs, one-time costs or any other hidden fees. We only charge a commission after a booking has been successfully confirmed and paid for. Hence, you only pay if you really receive something for it and face no risk whatsoever!

A passion for the combination of travel and sport – this is what unites all of our customers! Currently, all of our customers come from German-speaking countries. There is also a great variety within our customer groups: We have customers of all ages, some of whom travel alone and some with their partner, friends or the whole family. Their needs and desires are also very diverse: From low budget camping trips to luxury retreats, customers can find everything on moverii!

In order to define your target audience according to your wishes and to find the customers who fit your journey we ask you to specify your target group and basic framework conditions whilst uploading your offer.

As part of a partnership with moverii, your effort is limited to uploading your offer. To make this process as easy as possible for you, you will receive an introduction to our system from us. We take care of all work that comes thereafter, from marketing campaigns to customer communication and handling booking processes!

You have two basic options for the booking process:

  1. Instant booking
    If you set your offer to instant booking, you must be able to guarantee availability, as this enables potential customers to book and pay for your journey without prior inquiry.
    You can of course give us regular updates about your availability and we will update the capacities on our platform accordingly.
    If you are able to guarantee the availability, we strongly recommend you to set your offers to instant booking, as our customers prefer this option and it will secure higher booking rates.
  2. Booking request
    If you set your offer to booking request and a customer submits such a request, we first check the availability of your offer before we confirm the booking to customers.
    If you work with a booking system, the easiest way for us to do this is to have a separate access so we can check availability directly and submit new bookings straight in the system. That way we are faster and more effective and at the same time you have less work!
    If you manage your bookings without a booking system, we will send you an email with the details of the request. Please reply to this email within 24 hours!
    If you can confirm availability, we ask you to reserve the space for 48 hours. During these 48 hours, the customer can confirm the booking by completing the payment.
    If you are not able to confirm the availability for a request, we appreciate you sending us alternative suggestions that we can pass on to the customer, such as an alternative room category or a similar time period.

No matter which of the two options you choose – we take care of the entire booking process and whatever comes with it! This includes advising customers on questions or requests before booking, as well as sending a booking confirmation and further information after the booking. You can therefore fully concentrate on the well-being of your customers on site!

When customers book your journey through moverii, they pay us the full amount. Therein they have various payment methods up for choice – from credit card, PayPal and instant transfer to installment payments. We pay all costs for the payment service providers!

As soon as we have received the payment for a booking, we will forward the entire booking price minus our commission to your bank account. The commission refers to the entire booking price, including all booked extras unless agreed upon otherwise.

Payment is always made on Fridays and, unless otherwise agreed, in local currency. The average processing time is 1-3 working days for transfers within the European Union and 3-7 working days for international transfers.

As soon as we have instructed the payment, you will receive a payment confirmation from us as well as a completed invoice for the amount of the commission. All other administrative and tax steps, including invoicing customers, are processed as usual and in compliance with the legal requirements of your country.

Our goal is to make your journeys visible and tangible for potential customers! To this end, we create various media and marketing materials and at the same time use the images, texts and videos that you provide us with whilst uploading your offer.

In order to reach as many people as possible, but above all target the right audience, we work with a mix of different marketing channels and strategies. This includes classic performance marketing channels as well as long-term, high-quality collaborations. In addition, many customers book their holidays with moverii over and over again due to the extraordinarily high level of customer satisfaction. Good news for you: You have nothing to do with any of this and you don’t have to worry about any additional work on your side – our experts will take care of that for you.

Keep us up to date and keep in touch with us! In order to make your journeys visible and tangible for potential customers, we depend on your expert knowledge and information. We would therefore appreciate you sending us new pictures regularly and informing us about any special promotions, such as discounts, competitions or similar. We can then use this to highlight your journey and generate more bookings.

In addition, we can always plan exclusive promotions together. Just get in touch with us and we can get creative together!

You can reach our team at any time by email:

As soon as we have agreed on the details of our cooperation, you will receive a private access to our system. In a personal video call we then show you how to easily upload your own offer. Therein you will be guided through the different elements of your offer step by step, such as the sports & activity program, the accommodation, the catering and everything else that is important to make your offer tangible.

Please inform us immediately about any changes to your journeys so that we can update the offers on moverii accordingly! Otherwise, customers will be disappointed once they are on site.

Possible adjustments range from new prices to a different daily schedule. Please always inform us about possible new travel periods.

Please note that we always offer customers a binding best price guarantee. This means that the price advertised by us must be the same as the price on your website. In addition, the price on our platform is binding. This means we cannot retroactively adapt prices on existing bookings or inquiries

Reviews are a crucial key to generating more bookings and extremely important to continuously improve our service and your journeys! We therefore ask every customer to leave a review after their stay.

The reviews consist of a classic combination of a number of stars from 1-5 and a descriptive text.

To guarantee fairness, we first check every rating before publishing it on our platform.

Do you have any other questions? 

If you have any other questions about the next steps or the management of bookings, you can always just get in touch with us.

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